About the Software
COMPASS started as Miranda Castro’s own practice manager in 1995. It started out as a simple database designed and programmed by Miranda to keep track of her clients’ basic details and manage mailing shots, newsletters and patient correspondence more easily. It grew organically over the next five years or so into something more useful. At a certain point other homeopaths saw it and immediately wanted it for their own practices. And then they asked if it could do this. Or that. Their enthusiasm, encouragement and special requests helped COMPASS grow into a bigger program with many more features.

At a certain point Miranda reached the limit of her programming expertise and was joined by Jim Hoyt who propelled COMPASS into the huge, beautiful program it is today. With satisfied customers across the US, Canada and Europe, COMPASS is developing a nice track record. It is stable, intuitive and is designed to transform your practice. It is woven throughout with features to encourage good practice, and to guide you in running a successful practice.

What about vithoulkascompass.com
There is another software company in the homeopathic community with the same name: compass. We do not want you to confuse our two products since they are so different. Please click here to read more.

About the Company
We are a small, dedicated company, with a simple vision …

a partnership with a fine heart: One designer homeopath and one programmer/web manager.