The Address Book is for your personal contacts including: friends, relatives, business and all other contacts to keep them separate from your ‘clients or patients’. The main Address Book screen is the starting point for all your journeys around the Address Book. It has a similar look to Client Data but the color is a different (a dusky pink).

Address BookContact Information: for your personal contacts.

Quick Copy: contact info with 1-click for easy sharing.

Lists: a variety of lists for easy communications.

Birthdays: track dates and ages!

Important Data: numbers, logins and passwords.

Letters or Emails: individuals or groups or everyone.

Envelopes and Labels.

Notepad: separate for contact specific notes.

Directions: for people/businesses you travel to!

Photo Album: three photos per person.

Tasks: track projects or important details.

Checkbook: linked for easy auto-entry.

Print Contacts: print whole address book or a group.

Print Data: print all ‘important information’ or some.

Customizable: add your details for letters/emails etc.

Use the Address Book to keep details of anyone who is not a client including:

  • Personal contacts – family, friends etc.
  • Professional colleagues
  • Companies you pay for services and/or goods – restaurants, shops, airlines,
  • hairdressers, phone companies etc. These are automatically linked to your Checkbook.

Important numbers – bank accounts, frequent flyers, tax ids and so on.

There are Tasks with the ability to link multiple tasks or projects to each contact and to track these over time.

There are many Lists to help you locate and organize contacts quickly and easily:including Phone, Address, Category and Emails/Websites.

You can Write Letters and Emails although copies are not kept.
You can send single letters, or write to a small group or send a mailing shot to your whole address book.

Use the Labels or Envelopes to send letters, invitations, holiday cards or a change of address mailing to one person, a select group or your whole address book.

Print out your whole address book using the paper-saving Contact Information screen. You’ll have a paper record for when you don’t have access to your computer.

Print out all your Important Numbers to have a paper copy your most important data.
Printed information that includes important data (especially Important Numbers) needs careful protection as does all ‘data’ like this.

Track Birthdays – check it from time to time so you don’t forget important dates.

There’s a small Photo Album for each contact (3 photos).

There’s a page for Directions so that you’ll always have this information conveniently on file for the next time you need them!

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Last Modified: August 12, 2013