Review by Kathy Zimmerman MSN, RN, FNP-BC, AHN-BC (click to read)
Published in the American Homeopath, 2012


Review by Karen Allen 2012

Miranda Castro has done us all a favor in the creation of this software. I would not want to go back to practicing without COMPASS. It is a great time saver and helps me keep track of all the threads of my daily practice. It has handily solved several of the daily challenges of practice for me, and I recommend it for every homeopath.

Here are the specific ways that it has helped me:

1) Before using COMPASS, I used to take notes on papers during daily call in time or when returning calls to clients, with the intention to file those little pieces of paper in the correct client folder ‘later’, but in reality, I often never got to it, and when there was a scheduled follow up for the case, there was sometimes information missing from those intermediate phone calls. Now I have COMPASS up and running during call-in time, or when I am returning client calls, and I type the notes right in to the electronic folders. I don’t have to feel guilty about not attending to filing those little notes, and the information is available to me.

2) When I am teaching about or researching a remedy or particular complaint, I can use COMPASS to readily find my past cases that are applicable. In the past I spent hours looking through several years of case folders trying to find the information I need. I don’t yet have all my past client history in COMPASS yet, but I am confident that as I add it gradually, it will continue to improve my ability to use the information from my practice in all I do.

3) The built in forms are a great time saver. I want to spend my time doing homeopathy, not office work. I was able to modify the provided forms to say what I need them to say, and now I am able to efficiently send out new client contact forms, how-to-take-a-remedy forms, reminder to schedule a follow up, etc with very little time and effort.

4) In the past I would lose track of clients or tasks that needed to be done in the future relating to a client. Now I use a COMPASS reminder feature that prompts me to check back on those hanging threads of my practice to complete them. My clients like it; they feel important to me when I contact them to follow up on whatever was needed. When I find that I have some space in my practice and would like to be a little busier, I can find out which of my clients I have not seen in 6 months or a year, and contact them where appropriate to follow up again, or at least find out how they responded to that last remedy choice.

5) Although everything else COMPASS does is helpful to me, the single most valuable feature for me is the ability to audit my practice. As I proceed with initial and follow up consults, I enter the result of each step into the software. I can periodically review and find out how many of my clients were very improved, somewhat changed or unaltered from the remedy I chose. By looking at my success rates and the information about the successful and unsuccessful cases, I have been able to find out what remedies I am able to recognize well and which ones I am having trouble with and need to study more. I have been able to do some creative analysis relatively quickly, like looking at the rubric sets for all the cases I missed over the past few months, and finding common entries that were more about me as a practitioner than about my client. I have been encouraged by the concrete data about my results; I often focus my attention on the cases I miss and it was nice to be reminded that I have good successes as well.

The first few years of my practice, I repertorized all of my cases by hand. Now I use rep software that makes an invaluable contribution to my work and I can’t imagine going back to repertorizing by hand. Using COMPASS is like that as well – it facilitates good practice management in a very relevant way, and I would not want to go back to doing it all by hand.

Karen Allen