I designed my dream database – the one that would do everything I needed for my life and my homeopathic practice. And then I found COMPASS. It had every feature on my (long) list … and more.
COMPASS has simplified my work and my practice to a level that’s incredible. As I continue to work more and more with COMPASS, I am very aware and amazed at how much time it is saving me, and how much more quickly I am accessing information and able to respond to my clients.
I just wanted you to know how much I love the program.
Paula Jelinek—Homeopath, Database Developer
As a new practitioner, COMPASS has been invaluable for helping me manage the many, surprisingly complex details of running a homeopathic practice. I started using the program as a student and I love how organized my cases are. with instant access to all the information for my practice. COMPASS made the transition from student to practitioner easy.
Gwynn Cadwallader CCH—Homeopath, Designer
COMPASS has solved several of the daily challenges of my business for me. It helps me keep track of the many threads of my daily practice.
I recommend it for every homeopath.
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Karen Allen, CCH—Homeopath, Educator, Author
COMPASS saves me an astonishing amount of time.
It has taken my practice to a whole new level of ease and efficiency.
Richard Pitt CCH—Homeopath, Educator, Author
christinadieno I have been using Compass for the past year and even though I have a small practice, I find it extremely helpful. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that was put into it to make it easy to use and practical. I especially am grateful for the tech support, which has always been timely and thorough. I like being organized and having an overview of my cases. COMPASS allows me to accomplish this. Thank you, Miranda, for this gift.
Christina Di Eno—Homeopath, Midwife
After a break, COMPASS gave me the confidence to return to practice without administrative burnout. It is as essential to my homeopathic practice as the Organon. COMPASS covers every imaginable administrative nuance, and both expands and invigorates my vision for a successful business.
Sue Gelber, RSHom(NA), CCH—Homeopath, Spiritual Director