Organize Your Whole Homeopathic Practice!

Spend more time on healing and less on busy work
COMPASS is a paperless office specifically designed to organize your entire homeopathic practice.

No more filing! Keep Track of Everything
COMPASS automatically organizes all your clients’ information in one safe place: charts, prescriptions, appointments, invoices, letters, photos and so much more.

Measure the Results of Your Work
Research your patients overall responses and/or the effects of individual remedies.

Generate More Business
Follow up with patients, track ‘to dos’, and keep in touch with the greatest of ease.

Fully customizable and gloriously flexible
COMPASS provides a wealth of tools to help you manage your practice. Under one colorful umbrella.
Practical tips and wise counsel from Miranda’s 35 years of experience are woven throughout.

Inspiration to light the way
A random aphorism of the day each time you open COMPASS.
Compare 6 editions of The Organon side by side.

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COMPASS will work on any recent Macintosh or Windows computer.

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I designed my dream database, the one that would do everything I needed for my life and my homeopathic practice. And then I found COMPASS. It had every feature on my (long) list … and more.

COMPASS simplified my work and my practice to a level that was incredible.”

—Paula Jelinek, Homeopath and Database Developer

Vision & Development by Miranda Castro & Jim Hoyt

Compass has been developed in FileMaker: a comprehensive, cross-platform, relational database.